Dr. Dennis Oppenheimer practices orthodontics in a general dentistry setting via groundbreaking Fastbraces® technology (www.fastbraces.com). At Hudson Valley Fastbraces,® Dr. Oppenheimer was the first dentist in the Hudson Valley to offer this new method of braces, with its fast, safe, easy and affordable alternative to traditional orthodontics. Dr. Oppenheimer received his training in braces directly from former University of Minnesota orthodontics professor and Fastbraces® inventor, Anthony Viazis. Fastbraces® technology has been researched at major universities throughout the world, its results thoroughly verified.

By unique brackets (triangular not square) combined with the latest in wire design (square not round) and using highly elastic metal, greatly reduced treatment time results in significant savings for patients. Fastbraces® technology enables the root to move at the same time as the tooth’s crown (the visible part of the tooth). Extractions are rare with Fastbraces,® and fewer appointments are required. Unlike traditional braces, Fastbraces causes little or no discomfort. Results are guaranteed. (That’s a term you rarely hear in a healthcare setting.) Because Hudson Valley Fastbraces® are also guaranteed not to revert to your original bite, we are selective about the patients we treat: approximately 80% of potential patients are accepted for our braces. In cases where a patient is declined for Fastbraces®, we are happy to to refer to a traditional orthodontic office.

Fastbraces® are available in both traditional metal and clear (ceramic) versions. Being a member of the Fastbraces® family allows Dr. Oppenheimer’s patients, even if they move or go off to school, to resume treatment at once at any Fastbraces® office, since all offices have immediate access (with your permission) to your Fastbraces® records.

In our general dentistry setting, combined with Fastbraces®, Dr. Oppenheimer has the ability to oversee all your cosmetic dentistry needs. He will be happy to discuss your cosmetic options whether braces, porcelain crowns, bridges or veneer.